Assaf Fogel

Assaf Fogel
Assaf has more than 16 years of experience in software development, dealing with all aspects of product and development life cycle including pre-sales, deployment and support; proven ability to drive innovation and successfully lead development. Prior to founding Idomoo Assaf was a program director in Unipier (2004-2006), a software development group leader in Niragongo (2000-2004) and a software engineer at Combact Diagnostic Systems (1997-1999). Assaf holds a BA in Computer Science and Political Science from the Tel Aviv University, Israel and an MBA from the University of Derby.

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The Benefits of a Secure Personalized Video Vendor

Posted by Assaf Fogel on Mar 3, 2015 10:02:33 AM

Idomoo: The Secure Personalized Video Platform

In today's massive data-driven technology and Cloud-based world, protecting business information should be a top priority at the core of a company's values and business operations. When it comes to a personalized video platform, where video and custo[...]

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