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How Music for Life Launched a Personalized Video Campaign with Idomoo in Just Over Two Weeks, Reaching a 79% Click-to-Open Rate

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on February 8, 2017

Music for Life is a charity organization created by the popular Belgian radio station, Studio Brussels. Each year, during the week prior to Christmas, Music for Life hosts The Warmest Week, a live event at which they raise money to support over 1,000 charities.

2016 marked the 10th edition of The Warmest Week, and Music for Life collected over $8 million in donations with the help of their project volunteers.

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Driving Loyalty by Putting a Face on Chatbots

Posted by Yotam Benami on January 31, 2017

It is becoming increasingly clear that chatbots and virtual assistants are poised to become major players in the relationships between enterprises and their customers.  A quick walk through the floor of CES earlier this month would instantly confirm that.  After all, as a self-serve tool, chatbots offer the closest thing to a person-to-person interaction. Their natural language interface and easy deployment across platforms make them ideal loyalty agents, customer care reps and company ambass...

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6 Ways to Inspire Your Creative Team in 2017

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on January 30, 2017

January’s a tough month when it comes to inspiring motivation and innovation within a creative team, or really any team for that matter. Everyone has recently emerged from the haze of the holidays and is physically back at work, but mentally…maybe not so much, not just yet. 

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How to Use Video in Your Email Marketing Campaign

Posted by Admin on January 27, 2017

Visual content, including video, played a major role in all digital media marketing campaigns in 2016 and will continue to play a greater role this year and beyond. Our global society has moved from reading text to watching videos. The pros and cons of this have been discussed at length; however, what is pertinent here is that, as a marketing strategist, you should embrace the latest trends and utilize them to drive your products' and brand's sales forward. 

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Cadbury Launched Two Successful Personalized Video Campaigns: One to Gain Foothold in a New Market, the Other to Introduce a Product Line

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on January 23, 2017

Cadbury, a Mondeléz International Inc. brand, is the second largest confectionary brand in the world, operating in more than 50 countries worldwide. They are well known for their fun, engaging marketing and advertising launches. 

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10 Things Your Video Content Marketing Strategy Should Include

Posted by Admin on January 19, 2017

What is video content marketing and why has it become such a prominent part of any digital marketer's toolbox? How can you utilize this technology to market your brand and to increase your sales figures? 

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The Two Undeniably Biggest Trends at CES 2017

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on January 12, 2017

Each year CES rolls out the most dazzling new tech products – some are gimmicky gadgets exhibiting more flash than purpose, others are true examples of impressive innovation in their field. It’s the latter that sets the tone for what the industry’s major trends will be for that year and beyond. 

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4 Ted Talks That Everyone in the Creative Industry Should Watch

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on January 11, 2017

It’s all too easy to lose track of time once you go down the TED Talk rabbit hole. The 15-20 minute video bites of wisdom shared by industry leaders, researchers, experts and authors are all but irresistible. They’re visually engaging, frequently funny and always interesting.

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How to Build an Empire with Personalized Video Content Marketing

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on December 30, 2016

The sales and marketing goals of a successful brand focus on three things: generating viable leads, engaging existing customers in a positive brand experience and looking forward to long term customer loyalty. Following this blueprint, you ensure you’ve got quality leads always coming in and you’re also continually working to improve interactions for your existing customers, thus increasing the likelihood of repeat transactions. 

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What the World Would Be Like Without Marketing Personalization

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on December 23, 2016

Imagine, if you will, a world without marketing personalization. A world where, regardless of how many times you interacted with a company, no matter how frequently you set preferences and shared data about yourself, you weren’t treated like an individual. Heck, you were never even remembered.

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