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Outstanding Customer Experience for Insurance Companies - Part 1

Posted by Adam Titcher on March 23, 2015

Threats and Trends Insurance Companies Need To Be Aware Of

Competition, attrition and everything in-between

Insurers worldwide are faced with mounting challenges threatening to destabilize their world. The boom of big data, continual financial flux and the rapid rise of competition for customers play a detrimental role in defining the future of the insurance industry. These important influencers are here to stay. With growing competition and market demand in decline, industry revenue is at ri...

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Emotional Marketing for Outstanding Campaign Results

Posted by Adam Titcher on January 12, 2015

Recently, this article by Jeff Fleischman really grabbed my attention with the provocative title, “How to Stand Out when Everybody Claims to be Unique”. We live in a world where everything has turned into a commodity: goods, products and even services. Competition can’t really keep up with product differentiation so at the end of the day, many industries do not really change. Companies in a given industry basically offer the same products or services time and time again. Telecom companies may...

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