Upselling has long been a tried and true strategy for boosting a brand’s bottom line. By convincing customers to spend more on an upgraded product or service, companies can simultaneously boost revenue while delivering an improved experience for their customers.

For many, the new year is an opportunity to look back at memories made — the good times, the big wins, maybe some lessons learned.Video can be a great way for brands to get in on the action. Personalized year-in-review videos help you engage customers with relevant, data-driven content they’ll want to watch and share with friends.Don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled a list of our top tips for smart personalization when it comes to this popular trend.

Customer preferences and needs change over time. Among the recent rising consumer trends is the demand for self-service options.The reasons for this increase in popularity are many, but in general, it saves web users time from interacting with a business.

For marketers, staying on top of the latest trends is crucial to designing future strategies that get results. With video dominating the content landscape and constantly evolving, video marketing is no exception. From the latest technology to popular content styles, there are a handful of new developments in video marketing expected to make an impact in the upcoming year.