The content in demand by customers today isn’t flashy or expensive. It's captured by the everyday person and their smartphone, free of Photoshop and pushy sales pitches. Whether it’s a review written on Yelp or an unboxing video, consumers want authenticity — and they’re finding it in content created by people just like them.

A version of this article appeared on Yahoo. You can read it here. Demand for personalized gaming videos is on the rise. At Idomoo, bookings for these videos tripled year over year in 2021. Many were personalized highlight reels, recapping a season, a year or more, often with the goal of increasing player retention.

Imagine a world where sitting on the couch, side-by-side with your best friend in another state doesn’t require a plane ticket. Or buying a new pair of shoes is possible with the swipe of your hand, no credit card (with or without chip) required. Welcome to the metaverse — a virtual world we don’t just interact with, but exist in.