We’re excited to announce a revolution in online video. It completely transforms the world of video, making it alive and evergreen and elevating digital engagement to a whole new level.

What makes all this possible? A suite of innovative Living Video functionalities baked into our Next Generation Video Platform, the new iteration of our enterprise-grade, open video platform.

In this distracted and tuned-out world, brands need creative ways to engage consumers, and video consistently delivers. Almost 90% of consumers say they want more videos from brands, and 87% of marketers report that video gives them positive ROI.

Whether it’s laugh-out-loud video clips or the heartwarming videos that make us feel warm and fuzzy, video has an emotional appeal unlike other media. It engages on multiple levels with movement, sound, in-video text and more — the next best thing to being there in person, connecting 1:1 with the brand.

As the world’s leading provider of Personalized Video, we understand the power of easily embeddable media. We help brands better connect with their unique audiences through powerful, video-driven customer experiences. Using our scalable, secure tool to create individualized video messages in real-time (in full cinematic quality), Idomoo helps you humanize your brand in order to drive engagement and conversions.

Personalization is no longer an option when it comes to customer communications. Research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that offer personalized experiences. And personalization is especially important in the health and wellness industry.

Whether you’re a gym, a doctor’s office or a health insurance company, your customers already expect 1:1 attention. This is about their health, after all. Every touchpoint, from the front office to a bill explainer, needs to make that person feel like you know and understand their individual needs.

Gamification might sound like another one of those marketing catchphrases of the moment, but behind the hype is a legitimate trend that’s driving loyalty and sales. And it’s only growing in popularity.

Turning something into a game to encourage the right behavior is nothing new. Chances are if you think back to the chore charts and stickers of childhood, you can see how parents and educators have been using games to make everyday tasks appealing for years.

Think back to your last customer service interaction. Maybe it went great! Or, more likely, there was room for improvement.

Perhaps it began with an online search. But since you couldn’t find the answers you needed online, you turned to the customer service number. You may have encountered some hold music, a few transfers before you got to the right person and then finally had your issue resolved.

How long did it take? How did you feel? If these kinds of challenges frustrate you, you can bet your customers feel the same way when they encounter something similar.

These days, it’s rare to go a day without watching some type of video. From enjoying your favorite show on Netflix to scouring YouTube for a cooking tutorial, video has emerged as one of the most popular forms of content. In fact, Cisco estimates that the medium will make up a whopping 82% of total IP traffic by 2022.

This dominance of video means exciting opportunities to incorporate such content into every part of the customer experience. Beyond being an advertising tool, data-driven video can be used as a CX tool that boosts customer lifetime value.