4 Ways Marketers Can Connect Effectively with Millennials

They’re plugged in and have plenty of choices. How do you reach them? Personalize.

If there is one thing that can be said about the state of marketing in the Millennial age, it’s that it has become more challenging than ever. At any given time, up to 20 percent of a company’s loyal customers may ditch their tried-and-true brand to benefit from appealing introductory offers and cheaper prices presented by a competitor. While this wasn’t the case with previous generations, Generation Y, or Millennials, make up more than 26 percent of the population and account for well over 30 percent of its total Internet usage. A population of 80 million and counting, Millennials grew up with computers, cell phones, smartphones, and tablets, exposing them to a wealth of information and choices.

To reach the Millennial generation—a generation that no longer needs to visit a branch or hear a friendly recommendation to shift their brand loyalty—companies need to get personal. And to reach them on a personal level, you must capture their attention through provocative, highly engaging, and powerful communication. For a generation that prefers to watch visual content rather than read text, taking an integrated approach to include social networks, direct communication, and online and mobile channels is essential.

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Danny Kalish

Danny is CTO & Co-Founder at Idomoo. Danny is a serial entrepreneur and a man of vision. He has a strong track record in a number of successful startups, delivering value to its investors and clients.

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