4 Ways Personalized Video Can Help You Create Wow Moments

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Do you wow your customers? It may sound like a funny question, but the value in regularly creating wow moments – the moments that make a customer stop in their tracks and feel valued, heard and understood – cannot go understated. These are the moments that build lasting brand-customer relationships. 

But how is it possible to deliver individually relevant wow moments in the digital age? SMBs and enterprise companies alike face the challenge of satisfying, at scale, customers’ desire for face-to-face, personable, human interactions. It sounds like a tall order, but emerging technologies like Personalized Video leverage customer data to intelligently craft the most uniquely relevant video communication and deliver it to customers in real-time or near real-time. 

Keep reading to see 4 ways Personalized Video can creatively deliver wow moments when it matters most…

1. Create an experience that leaves a lasting impression 

One of the charms of Main Street the customer experience is knowing that you’ve made a human-to-human connection with a brand representative. They know your needs and expectations, your personal details, a little bit about your lifestyle perhaps and can naturally adjust their communication to suit all of these factors. 

As commerce moves away from Main Street and towards the digital space, it grows increasingly difficult to replicate these personable interactions. Through the use of Personalized Video, an opportunity is created to wow customers with visual and data-driven communication that’s individually tailored to their unique brand experience. It’s the closest thing to a 1:1 conversation you can get digitally and at scale. 

Plus, Native Personalized Video creates a touchpoint that people remember positively because the information contained therein is so relevant and the personalized elements are seamlessly integrated to ensure cinematic quality. Instead of adding noise to an inbox or social feed, PV uses the latest customer data to always be informed as well as informative which is why it drives 4X brand recall. 

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2. Clearly show that you’re delivering the savings and benefits you said you would 

Do your customers always know when you come through for them? It’s easy to notice perks like free shipping or complimentary in-home service calls, but what about the benefits that don’t have an obvious impact on every day brand experience, but rather accrue over time? 

This question is especially relevant within industries like insurance, telcos and finance, as well as for loyalty clubs, where special plan perks are frequently more impressive when looked at collectively rather than granularly. You might not consciously realize you’ll be receiving 5% cash back every time you take your car for a fill-up, but viewing the savings that occurred over a month can look impressive. 

Using Personalized Videos to highlight earnings and savings not only makes customers feel good about spending their money with a particular brand, it encourages them to spend more so they can continue to save. Purchases are emotional decisions. When you’re leveraging Personalized Video to show each and every one of your customers specifically how you’re creating solutions in their lives, that’s a wow moment. 

Tesco Clubcard launched a Personalized Video campaign, with the help of creative agency Signal Productions, to show their loyalty members how many club points they’d earned, and also shared exciting ways the points could be redeemed. Click here to see how they did it..

tesco campaign

3. Enhance those “just because” follow-ups and turn them into opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling 

In the Main Street era of commerce, it was common for follow-up to occur after a sale or even an initial meeting had taken place. Whether over the phone or face-to-face, these interactions created an opportunity to strengthen relationships, deepen engagement and build a path towards loyalty and future sales. In the digital space, it’s hard to recreate this important and innately personal touchpoint across a business’ entire list of leads and customers. 

Some marketers have turned to automated drip campaigns as a solution, but generic emails don’t go very far to make customers feel like they’re understood and individually valued. 

This is where Personalized Video campaigns open the door for more personable, unique and relevant out-of-the-blue experiences that can be generated and delivered at scale, and that have increased engagement by up to 2X for major brands utilizing PV technology. Whether PV is used to turn a lead into a sale, to follow-up after a purchase or even as a vehicle to sell other uniquely relevant opportunities, businesses can rely on it to always leverage the most up-to-date data to deliver wow moments that drive action. 

4. Delight with easy setup and added-value content 

Personalized Video uses all types of customer data to determine what specific content will be shown to each viewer – it’s not just about adding someone’s name to the beginning of a video. Companies know exactly what an individual’s purchase history has been within that brand. They know what services that person is signed up for, what products they recently bought. 

Armed with all this info, it becomes incredibly easy to create campaigns that add value to the customer experience. What types of content are considered to be valuable? Think along the lines of how-to videos that show someone how to set up an online account or how to build a complex product. They can also be instructions for how to get more enjoyment out of something – information on product-related groups customers can join in their area, DIY ideas and product hacks. 

Personalized Videos can act as an “easy button” during the set-up process, making on-boarding a breeze through visual instructions and account or product specific details. They can also make enjoyment of a product or service more robust by introducing perks someone may have not even realized existed for them.

If you’re curious to learn more, we’ve created an infographic “Why video is the secret to satisfying the ROI obsessed client”. In the inforgaphic we pull the curtain back on the effectiveness of video as a communication tool. Click below to download it.


Alexandra Gehringer

Alex is Senior Creative Marketing Writer at Idomoo. Her goal is to give brands and marketers the information they need to achieve peak customer engagement. Through compelling, highly-relevant marketing initiatives built around Idomoo's Personalized Video Technology, she believes every brand can create an emotional, one-to-one connection with their customers.