5 Video Marketing Myths – True or False?

5 Video Marketing Myths - True or False?

Here’s a short true/false quiz about the use of personalized videos in marketing. Can you identify which of these statements are false and which of them are true?

1. “Video is a great marketing tool”
2. “Video production is time consuming and expensive”
3. “Personalized video is really complex and expensive”
4. “Video is not personalized and not relevant for every customer or case“
5. “ROI cannot be measured for online video”


2. False
3. False
4. False
5. False

Creating a video marketing campaign is now easy and yields the highest ROI

Video campaigns: The old way: A single video, usually produced manually (either shot or animated) is an offline process. This manual process takes a tremendous amount of time and racks up expenses in labor and material. The average cost of a corporate video can start between $2,000 and $5,000. Post-production and video rendering is processor intensive and can take several hours to create a single video, adding to the time it will take to have a final product ready for delivery. If a company wants to add personalization to the video, it often means having more than one version of the manually-created video, which in turn lengthens the timeline of the campaign. Personalization, while ideal in marketing situations, is not ideal for the marketing budget. These expensive and tedious video production processes are not the only option anymore.

The new way: scalable, real-time, cloud-based video solutions are turning obstacles upside down

  • With Idomoo a video campaign consists of a series of completely customizable scenes or parts in which every element of the scene can be changed at scale
  • The Idomoo platform allows users to drag and drop scenes from a library into a web-based flowchart and build a campaign in just a few clicks
  • They can change dynamic and static elements and customize the creative, no programming and no high-end video editing software required

In addition to making the video process more streamlined, users can also personalize the video without wasting time or money. A personalized video campaign is driven by data and completely programmatic. Once a campaign is set up in the system, users send a data file or API calls, and anywhere from 1 to 100,000 videos are created in real-time. Every customer and prospect gets a unique video just for them. Therefore, irrelevancy is removed from the concerns of using video marketing. Now that creating personalized marketing videos is less painful, ROIs can be measured more quickly and effectively.

Open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates are measured automatically. In a viral environment of advertising, marketing and business, videos are rapidly becoming the preferred method of targeting customers. The video allows customers to share their opinions, engage with a brand and become loyal patrons faster. The personalized video is less costly and stagnant than one might think, especially with web-based software solutions like Idomoo.

Michael Elias

As Chief Business Officer, Michael oversees global revenue functions of the company and is responsible for customer success and business development activities. Before serving as CBO, Michael was previously Idomoo's VP of Business Development. Prior to joining Idomoo, Michael served as CEO at Tamir Fishman Ventures II Ltd. He has also published the war thriller novel Cyberionage.