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6 Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Churn Rate

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on March 6, 2017

You know what’s really fun? Pretending like you work in a perfect organization that sells a must-have product or service and enjoys a loyal customer base and a 0% churn rate. You know what’s slightly less fun? Realizing that all the pretending in the world won’t turn that dream into a reality. 

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4 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Customer Retention

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on February 28, 2017

Before you can master customer retention, you’ve got to understand people. What makes us purchase? What makes us loyal? Or, conversely, what pushes us away? And what the heck makes retention so important? 

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7 Rules Your Video Marketing Strategy Shouldn’t Ignore

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on February 23, 2017

So you want to create a campaign that catches on like wildfire. 100 million internet users watch online video every day, and 90% of online shoppers say video greatly helps them make purchase decisions. Who wouldn’t want tap into such a popular medium? 

But while “going viral” is a common dream for creative teams, be careful not to let it become your only goal. 

Your aim should be to create a video marketing strategy that focuses on high quality content that adapts to multiple platforms and ch...

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A Guide to Launching Your First Video Campaign

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on February 21, 2017

Video campaigns are incredibly effective communication tools. Consider that 90% of the information humans take in is done visually and remembered 40% more reliably. When both audio and visual senses are stimulated, as is the case with video content, that rate of recall jumps to 68%. Video is also an excellent medium for driving emotional engagement and forming lasting brand-customer connections. 

And the good news is that people like video content – it accounts for 74% of all internet traffic

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Become an Expert in Interactive Marketing with These 5 Tips

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on February 15, 2017

Let’s start off by answering two basic questions. First, what is interactive marketing? 

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7 Signs You Are a Creative Advertising Expert

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on February 13, 2017

This post could boil down to one simple statement: “I wish I’d thought of that.” 

Only a creative advertising expert is able to make everyone feel like they should have – even could have – had that idea. In marketing, great ideas aren’t inaccessible and they aren’t isolating. They’re extremely democratic. 

And yet. And yet the best ideas also plant an aspirational seed in other creatives. They drive people to want to achieve and innovate and advance the standard of a “good idea” like all the ...

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How to Get More Results Out of Your Creative Management

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on February 10, 2017

It’s pretty easy to list the traits of a bad creative management. Short-sighted, impulsive, stubborn, ego-driven, unconstructive or unclear in their feedback, resistant of change, impossible to approach or simply impossible to work with… Feel free to take a moment to remember a miserable leader you worked under. Thank god that’s over (hopefully). 

Here’s the thing, though. Being a creative manager is tough stuff. Most people entering the role have emerged from the proverbial agency trenches a...

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4 Tips for Enhancing Your Programmatic Advertising with The Right Creative

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on February 8, 2017

According to AdRoll, 66% of advertisers have said they plan to increase their programmatic ad spend. That same report revealed that more than half of marketers’ budgets are projected to be spent through programmatic, and that 87% of marketers are seeing greater return through programmatic ads vs. traditional paid advertising. 

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How Music for Life Launched a Personalized Video Campaign with Idomoo in Just Over Two Weeks, Reaching a 79% Click-to-Open Rate

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on February 8, 2017

Music for Life is a charity organization created by the popular Belgian radio station, Studio Brussels. Each year, during the week prior to Christmas, Music for Life hosts The Warmest Week, a live event at which they raise money to support over 1,000 charities.

2016 marked the 10th edition of The Warmest Week, and Music for Life collected over $8 million in donations with the help of their project volunteers.

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6 Ways to Inspire Your Creative Team in 2017

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on January 30, 2017

January’s a tough month when it comes to inspiring motivation and innovation within a creative team, or really any team for that matter. Everyone has recently emerged from the haze of the holidays and is physically back at work, but mentally…maybe not so much, not just yet. 

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