Cadbury Launched Two Successful Personalized Video Campaigns: One to Gain Foothold in a New Market, the Other to Introduce a Product Line

Cadbury Launched Two Successful Personalized Video Campaigns: One to Gain Foothold in a New Market, the Other to Introduce a Product Line

Cadbury, a Mondeléz International Inc. brand, is the second largest confectionary brand in the world, operating in more than 50 countries worldwide. They are well known for their fun, engaging marketing and advertising launches.

Cadbury launched two campaigns using Idomoo’s Personalized Video as a Service™ (PVaaS) platform to raise brand awareness, increase market penetration and connect emotionally with customers.

The first campaign, focusing on premium Cadbury Glow gift chocolate, was launched in India where chocolate gifting represents only 5-7% of the total market, compared with 15-35% in other geographies. Cadbury’s goal was to increase their market penetration in India for this particular type of product.

Introducing New Flavors in Australia

In the second campaign, targeted at Australian customers, the company wanted to introduce its audience to new flavors in its Dairy Milk range and create a personal and emotional consumer-brand connection.

A “Flavour Matcher” app, designed using Idomoo’s Personalized Video as a Service™ (PVaaS) technology, matched users with one of 12 different Cadbury flavors based on data like age, location and interests. The participants then received personalized videos celebrating their Flavour Match that integrated their Facebook profile photo and a call to share the video using a hashtag.

Customers were exposed to the campaign through various paid and unpaid channels using creative content designed by Saatchi and Saatchi, Cadbury’s advertising agency.

Penetrating the Chocolate-as-a-Gift Market in India

Cadbury’s India-based campaign for Cadbury Glow had the goal of promoting the notion that chocolate was a thoughtful gift to give. In this particular market, chocolate did not have strong footing within the gift-giving segment compared to other places in the world.

To encourage the idea of chocolate as a gift, Cadbury India launched an integrated social video marketing campaign centered around Idomoo’s PVaaS™ platform.

In the campaign, users could automatically create a personalized video that incorporated photographs and names pulled from their Facebook profile. Users started their journey by visiting the Cadbury Glow landing page, linking it to their Facebook profile and entering the phone number of the gift recipient.


The recipient could then view the video when they received a box of Cadbury Glow chocolate, either through a QR code or by entering their phone number on the Cadbury Glow page.

This campaign was also supported by a multichannel integrated digital effort, including social media featuring Rajkummar Rao and Aditi Rao Hydari, well-known Indian celebrities.

The Results

Cadbury found both campaigns to be hugely successful. 90% of viewers watched their Personalized Video to completion, reflecting a high level of engagement and investment. 12.23% of viewers even went on to share their video with friends on social media.

Cadbury achieved a 65% Click Through Rate with campaign recipients and a 33% conversion rate of viewers who completed a subsequent promotion form.

Overall, the campaigns did an excellent job of leveraging data to deliver an ultra-personalized brand experience. Strong engagement across the board means Cadbury hit their mark with customers and established a positive, memorable impression.

Looking Ahead

With the strong results from these two campaigns, Cadbury, Saatchi and Mondeléz International have planned upcoming Idomoo-based Personalized Video campaigns in other global markets, starting in Singapore with discussion for further expansion into other territories.

The engagement and customer reactions achieved through the use of these innovative Social Personalized Videos have given Cadbury a refreshing way to tap into their customers’ social graphs and create emotionally engaging experiences. Through the use of Personalized Video, Cadbury found a way to take its social marketing strategy beyond the Like.

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