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If companies strive to reach a customer on his level from his unique perspective, they have a better chance of breaking through the noise of ubiquitous advertising through a personalized marketing approach that fits his/her financial status, lifestyle and retirement needs.

BBVA, one of Spain’s leading financial services provider, used a personalized video campaign to encourage customers to invest in their retirements and access the company’s many features with online tools. BBVA’s custom approach to encouraging these customers to partake in a particular program had many benefits. Innovative content marketing can drive outstanding results in number areas.

Customer Insight and Understanding

Creating personalized videos gives companies an intimate look into the lives and feelings of their customers. To be truly innovative, each video features details specifically customized for the viewer.

The BBVA video, entitled “Future Self,” takes this idea to a hyper-personalized level. The video is generally aimed at men and women separately, while the general message is from the customer’s “future self,” thanking him or her for investing in retirement so they can live comfortably in 30 years from now. Even further, the video shows each customer rates and savings configured just for them.

These types of details are a point of connection. The video is no longer just about the company, but now it’s about the customer’s future. The customer draws the line subconsciously between an easier retirement and investing using BBVA’s digital tools. Innovative marketing creates the link from a brand to the emotions, security, wealth and logic of a customer.

Increased Engagement

Personalizing content leads to better engagement because the customer is now interested in learning more facts from their future self, resulting in moving on to the company website to either learn more, click on social media channels or request speaking to a sales representative.

Video also improves message reception. More than 75% of BBVA’s customers watched their personalized “Future Self” videos to completion – a much higher rate than in any other marketing communication channel. The end result was a 78% increase in BBVA-invested retirement savings in 2015.

While most videos have a primary goal, many times companies hope to reach several achievements through a marketing campaign. In BBVA’s case, they also wanted to boost adoption rates of their digital services. The initial push for this involved an onsite desk at the banks to showcase and train customers on how to use the digital portal. After the personalized video campaign, there was a dramatic increase in users taking advantage of their online banking channels in general.

So not only were customers investing more for retirement, they were using the Web and BBVA’s online user experience to do so. The video campaign appeared focused on its primary goal, but was actually two-fold. Innovative marketing can combine several objectives into one relatable platform for customer engagement.

Marketing Catalyst

Personalized videos and inventive content create effective customer engagement, but can also activate a new type of marketing. The success of one campaign spurs the inspiration for ones like it in different markets, for different products or across different platforms.

BBVA’s successful “Future Self” video led the company to create five similar campaigns worldwide. The videos cover all the digital services, welcoming new customers to the bank and the onboarding process, others aimed to motivate mobile payment and mobile deposit. The videos were produced in three languages with two customizable perspectives. From retirement to general bank practices, BBVA has catapulted its marketing efforts into the future.

Based on the success of this type of marketing, Idomoo has created an easy-to-use template for insurance companies to create personalized videos. Knowing the returns of such innovative marketing, Idomoo saw an opportunity to help other industries and companies succeed. Personalized video has allowed marketers to try a new trend while stirring engagement and customer emotion.

Customers respond to the most creative and innovative marketing content whether it is print, email, social or video. Personalized video is one platform to push the boundaries of this type of marketing with measurable results. Personalized video is redefining emotional marketing with ideals of custom material and individual, one-of-a-kind content. Idomoo is making this easier and possible for companies of all types. Creative content can change a customer’s view and transform a marketing approach for the better.

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Adam Titcher

Adam is a market associate at Idomoo, writing creative content, as well as, lending his voice for personalized video narration.

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