Drum Roll Please… Idomoo, Barclays and Rapp Win the Drum Award

Drum Roll Please… Idomoo, Barclays and Rapp Win the Drum Award

Barclays, the seventh largest bank in the world, was awarded a Drum Award for its Personal Lending Video campaign aimed at increasing mail open rates and awareness around borrowing from the bank. Designed by the firm Rapp and based on Idomoo video personalization technology, the film provides the customer with information tailored to them, such as exactly how much they can potentially borrow, before they apply. Because if someone knows how much they can borrow, they’re far more likely to do so.

Clare_Barclays_PLVThe campaign utilized data from over 40,000 variable data points to maximize personalization. The ultimate goal was to create a more personal connection to the customer, drive engagement and encourage and uptake in loans. 180,000 individual videos were developed in total, each tailored to the recipient’s specific needs and behaviors.

We were especially pleased by the amazing results – compared with Barclays’ regular emails about lending, the personalized video emails experienced a 106% increase in email open rates and a 1,100% uplift in click through rates. Better yet, hundreds of loans can be directly attributed to the campaign.

We’re extremely proud of winning this award. It’s great to have our work recognized not only by our client but also by the marketing community at large!

Adam Titcher

Adam is a market associate at Idomoo, writing creative content, as well as, lending his voice for personalized video narration.