Dynamic Video Ads Changing the Game at CES 2015


Idomoo is about to announce a new category under the umbrella of Idomoo Video Cloud. Stay tuned for our news at CES 2015, this January in Las Vegas. Our research demonstrates that video is the medium that will be used most often moving forward both for direct content marketing campaigns and online advertising. By 2018 Cisco Systems forecasts that video, in all of its forms, will constitute 80-90% of digital consumer traffic (Forrester). This trend is enough to show why it makes sense for brands to jump on the video bandwagon. Without further ado, here’s why it’s relevant to you and your brand.

The Primary Challenges Behind Video Marketing

1. Irrelevancy

While video (and personalized video) captivates members of your target audience, recent challenges in this market show that like all Internet users, viewers of videos are constantly being bombarded with spam. It’s becoming harder to entice your viewers to engage since many videos are not carefully targeted and viewers do not see them relevant. Besides being turned off by irrelevant ads, viewers may also have ad-blocking software installed (whether they know it or not).  In short, unrelated content has become one of the biggest challenges of advertising.

2. Finding Your Audience

Thanks to Big Data and the advancement of marketing and advertising analytics, the available KPIs for advertising optimization is expanding exponentially. However, finding the correct channel to reach your target audience can present a considerable challenge. Most advertising technologies today aren’t optimized to leverage all available online, social and behavioral data for targeting and re-targeting.

The Goal: Engaging the Right Audience with the Right Content with Dynamic Video Ads

Having a marketing plan for streaming video is a must these days and with the continued growth in online video, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the go-to source for daily entertainment. It’s time for brands to take advantage of this fact. The question is…what’s the best way to go about it?

There’s no doubt that with video marketing, a great opportunity is presenting itself here to ad agencies. According to Nielsen’s Total Audience Report (previously called the Cross Platform Report), as of December 2014, online video streaming was growing at a rate of 60% per month. This number doesn’t include the large number of individuals who access videos via their smartphones, although several sources indicate that this number may account for upwards of 30% of all views.Note that this number may be even higher as it doesn’t include those who access video via channels such as Chromecast, Apple TV and other systems of this nature.

Idomoo’s Solution: Building a Win-Win Advertising Game


1. Automating video production

One of the greatest barriers to the adoption of video marketing and more specifically, video advertising is the creative and production phase. It takes time, money and a variety of skills to create a video ad. The process usually involves external service providers and video rendering processes. When the goal is to establish a video advertising machine on a larger scale, these processes must be automated. Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads are generated via an automated process that eliminates creative and production issues yet enables a fast and easy creation of independent product videos. These videos are generated utilizing an online catalog of templates that can yield thousands of videos. It’s a whole new area of video creation and production that hasn’t been visited before. Automation makes the process of video creation and production simple and easy. Idomoo Video Cloud is excited to lead this trend.

2. Optimizing media channels

As we stated before, using Big Data and related analytics to target specific population is key to video advertising efforts. Through these channels, copious amounts of data can be collected and analyzed to create content that is relevant, timely, and delivered through the most appropriate channels to reach your target audience. This data includes but is not limited to the viewer’s country of origin, language, gender, and age. Our mission is to match relevant video content to the right audiences so both brands and consumers will benefit from this relationship. By optimizing the association of videos to both distribution channels and consumer characteristics, consumers will find it most relevant and interesting while brands will witness significant revenue growth.

3. Make it relevant – add personalization and mass customization in real time

Through our new Dynamic Video Ads

Adam Titcher

Adam is a market associate at Idomoo, writing creative content, as well as, lending his voice for personalized video narration.

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