Email Marketing: How To Radically Cut Through the Noise 🔪
The new secret weapon for emails that truly stands out

Personalized GIFs in email marketing


Let’s face it, every additional word I write here risks losing your attention.
Big blocks of text make people tune out before they’ve even given your content a chance.

And yet, so many companies continue to send long text-heavy emails that are not getting read.

Cutting Through 🔪

Personalization stands out.

Effective personalization communicates: “This isn’t someone’s message, it’s your message.”

personalized content

Types of personalization include names, messaging, offers, data points, and even the style of animation. All aspects of personalization are uniquely data-driven to maximize impact for each and every viewer.


Motion catches our attention.

The “occipital lobe” (the part of the brain that is involved with vision) is wired to give its attention to things that are moving. This is because moving things are more likely to imminently attack us than non-moving things. So, “Thank you occipital lobe for keeping us safe.”

The Best of Both Worlds

Personalized GIFs give you the best of both worlds:

Animation grabs the viewer’s attention.

Personalization lets them know, “This is mine.”

Personalized GIFs go directly into an email creating an instant “Wow” experience that stands out and demands attention.



Over 500X improvement in click-through rates when switching from a generic image to a Personalized GIF.*

Over 500X improvement in click-through rates when switching from a generic image to a Personalized GIF



I’ll wrap this up (because you’re probably tired of reading and would rather just look at some animation). So, here’s a GIF explaining “What is Personalized Video?”



*BMO “Welcome”


Daryl Goldberg

VP, Client Services. Daryl oversees the Customer Success & Project Management teams at Idomoo, ensuring customers’ successful implementation of cutting-edge Personalized Video solutions. Daryl manages projects for major clients and heads a team of Client Service professionals creating & implementing data-driven videos for some of the world's largest brands.

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