EVE Online Rewards Top Fans With Personalised Year-in-Review

EVE Online Rewards Top Fans With Personalised Year-in-Review

To celebrate its top players and a banner year, CCP Games created a personalised year-in-review video for the EVE Online community. Deployed to over a million pilots, the “My Year in EVE” campaign allowed gamers to handpick achievements to include in their video, then generate that video in real time with the click of a button.

No two videos in the campaign were alike, meaning each player had a truly unique year-in-review. Watch below to see.

For CCP Games, a company known for innovation, an immersive Personalised Video campaign was a natural choice. Here’s what they have to say about it.

“Working with Idomoo on the Personalised Videos for EVE Online players has enabled our players to relive their most exciting memories from throughout the year. We’re looking forward to building on the foundation we’ve laid so far and enhance and expand the end-of-year recaps for all of New Eden’s inhabitants.”

– Sæmundur Hermannsson, Brand Director for EVE Online

Player’s Pick

It’s the second year the company deployed a personalised recap video to its massive player base, following up on a successful pilot project in 2019. But this recent version had a user-generated-content spin, letting players customize their video by choosing what they wanted to see in their recap.

And it all happened in real time. Players picked the stats they wanted, pressed a button to generate and instantly were able to watch their video.

A screenshot of sample stats from a travel scene in the personalised year-in-review video

Here are just a few ways each video was personalised:

  • Character: Players could select the character featured.
  • Achievements: This included over a dozen categories, from Most Valuable Kill to Planetary Production.
  • Language: Videos were generated in English, French, German, Russian, Japanese and Korean.

Upselling, Engagement and Player Acquisition

After creating their year-in-review, players shared it on social media, boosting brand mentions across the web. CCP Games took the campaign a step further with upselling and player acquisition. To create a video, users had to be an active Omega pilot or upgrade to Omega, EVE Online’s premium subscription.

Players could also share their personalised landing page, featuring a sign-up option for friends. When a friend signed up, both players were rewarded with extra points.

Landing page with signup form for the My Year in EVE campaign

All told, the videos drove a 66% uplift in visits to the EVE Online recruitment page, one of the top goals for the campaign. With the success of this campaign, CCP Games is already looking ahead at more ways to use Idomoo Personalised Video to engage players, such as special offers and cross-selling opportunities.

Are we ready? Absolutely.

The gaming industry is a natural fit for the immersive, storytelling experience we offer through data-driven video. We’ve worked with several gaming companies, including Ubisoft, Activision and Epic Games, to create digital campaigns that wow players.

“Personalised Video allows for a unique one-to-one emotional experience that video game enthusiasts not only appreciate but expect,” explains Danny Kalish, Idomoo CTO. “We’re excited to continue our partnership with CCP Games to inspire and grow the EVE Online community.”

Next-Level Digital Engagement

Want to read more about our work in gaming? Check out our blog post about our recent campaign with Ubisoft and its 100 million players.

If you’re ready to see how Personalized Video can take your customer or player experience to the next level, click below. We’d love to connect.

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