Exceeding ROI Dreams with Personalized Video

Exceeding ROI Dreams with Personalized Video

As CEO of Idomoo, when I speak with our customers — typically marketing and customer success teams — what’s keeping them awake at night is how to get the ear of their customers.

It is difficult today to build a close 1:1 relationship with customers. The growing number of bank branches that are closing and phone-based customer support going the way of the dodo, means that services are increasingly commoditized and consumers are willing to jump ship at the first sign of a price break. The move to SaaS (Software as a Service) makes retaining customers more important than ever. To make matters worse, marketing messages from every channel continuously pounds consumers, making it difficult for brands to gain attention.

In our experience, video, and in particular personalized video, delivers the highest engagement and ROI levels of any digital marketing program. As Jim Nail from Forrester stated in his recent report: “We believe that personalized video will command increasingly larger portions of advertising and marketing budgets due to its ROI improvement over traditional video content and other outbound methods of communication.”

With the combination of video and personalization you can achieve emotional marketing programs, restore the personal brand-consumer connection, and break through the digital clutter with relevant offers, wrapped in exciting, impactful content that your customers will respond to.

Marketing teams are already shifting budgets toward new content and interaction methods to counter the dwindling effectiveness of traditional digital advertising and marketing campaigns. Beyond programs that rely on the company’s own CRM data; brands today can leverage social channels to create unique and compelling campaigns.

Recently Facebook announced its personalized video application. I invite you to check out this Idomoo personalized video Facebook campaign produced for Cadbury, the global chocolate brand.

Idomoo technology allows for cinema quality social videos, which is how leading brands should communicate with their audience in the 21st century.

In my vision, personalized video is the new frontier for customer communication. And now with Idomoo’s Personalized Video Engagement platform for customer success and marketing teams, the tools are in your hands. The end of “One Size Fits All” has arrived. Learn more about Personlized Videos on our homepage. You can even create your own Personalized Video!

Yaron Kalish

Yaron Kalish is the CEO and co-founder of Idomoo.Yaron is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and led successful companies from inception to successful outcomes delivering value to investors, employees and the market.