How Monarch Holidays Used Personalized Video to Engage Customers

How Monarch Holidays Used Personalized Video to Engage Customers

When Monarch Holidays acquired Cosmos Holidays earlier this year, they wanted Cosmos’ customers to know that the shift would not affect the high level of customer service they were used to.

With the goal of welcoming their expanded customer base and inviting everyone to book another holiday, Monarch’s agency, WDMP, used Idomoo’s Personalized Video Platform to create customized videos that uniquely appealed to each viewer.

By analyzing customer data that included previous travel itineraries, budget and personal details, Monarch built a dynamic video campaign that promoted the promise of top-tier customer service and one-to-one communication.

The campaign ultimately saw an open rate of 36%, with 99% of the videos watched to the end. This is another great example of creativity and technology coming together to deliver an outstanding customer experience through the use of Personalized Video.

Take a look at Monarch’s overview of the campaign’s success below…

Monarch Holidays’ Personalized Video for Increasing Customer Engagement


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