How to Reduce Call Volumes and Improve Customer Satisfaction

How to Reduce Call Volumes and Improve Customer Satisfaction

The Problem

“Can you read minds?”
Ask most call center professionals and the answer is, “Sort of.”

Call center employees are asked the same questions day-after-day, and call-after-call. So much so, that you wonder, “Well, why can’t a well-designed website FAQ solve the problem?”

FAQs certainly help, but problems remain:

A.  It’s not personalized: FAQs do not help that customer understand their unique data. Nor can they give truly personalized advice & assistance.

B.  It’s not digestible: Few people enjoy reading big blocks of explainer text.


So, how do you solve the problem?

  • Digestibility: Simply put, don’t ask people to read a lot. This is where video comes into play. Show, don’t tell.
  • Visual metaphors: Humans are visual learners. A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Well designed visual metaphors communicate ideas in seconds that words fail to communicate in hours.

Taxes and Insurance Payment

  • Personalization: Video can no longer be one-size-fits-all. Users don’t want abstract data- they want to understand their data, and more importantly, how it impacts them.

Video Personalization

  • Interactivity: We don’t need to guess what our customers want when we can just ask them. Interactive video lets users pick what they want to learn about. Gamifying the experience makes it fun and puts customers in control (and who doesn’t like control?)

Interactivity in personalized video

Putting it all together:

Video + Personalization + Interactivity

How do we do it?

Idomoo is the pioneer and industry leader in data-driven Personalized Video. Each user watches a Personalized Video that is uniquely populated with their own data. It’s not a video, it’s their video.

Their name, dates, policies, numbers, services, etc. are tailor-made for each individual viewer.
Each person sees only the scenes that are relevant – and nothing else.

Interactivity takes it to the next level. When data isn’t available, we ask the users what they want.

It’s like an interactive “video call center” with all of the personalized data and none of the wait time.

interactive video call center


  • 89% of viewers rank their Personalized Video positively*
  • 24% increase in advice ranking amongst those that watched a Personalized Video*
  • 7% reduction in total call volume & additional reductions in call duration**
  • 21% reduction in Negative Calls to Care Center***

Result of using Personalized Video

What are the benefits?

  • Support costs go down.
  • Customer satisfaction goes up.
  • Everybody wins.


Daryl Goldberg

VP, Client Services. Daryl oversees the Customer Success & Project Management teams at Idomoo, ensuring customers’ successful implementation of cutting-edge Personalized Video solutions. Daryl manages projects for major clients and heads a team of Client Service professionals creating & implementing data-driven videos for some of the world's largest brands.

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