How to Use Video in Your Email Marketing Campaign

Visual content, including video, played a major role in all digital media marketing campaigns in 2016 and will continue to play a greater role this year and beyond. Our global society has moved from reading text to watching videos. The pros and cons of this have been discussed at length; however, what is pertinent here is that, as a marketing strategist, you should embrace the latest trends and utilize them to drive your products’ and brand’s sales forward. 

According to a research from Forrester, including video in an email marketing campaign increases the click-through rate by 200%-300%. 

What is email marketing?

The term email marketing refers to “the targeting of consumers through electronic mail… Often associated with data mining, email marketing can be used to impact consumers in a variety of ways.” It is interesting to note that, in spite of the rise in spam, email marketing still remains one of the most important and successful ways of reaching consumers and converting them into returning customers. 

A typical email marketing scenario is as follows: A company builds an email list consisting of established and prospective customers. This can be a challenge because of the rise in spam emails. Most Internet Service Providers utilise powerful spam filters to reduce the percentage of genuine ubiquitous and unsolicited emails from reaching their clients. This makes it difficult for companies to send bona-fide marketing emails to all of the email addresses on their email list; nonetheless, companies continue to send newsletters and marketing emails out to everyone for whom they have data.

What is video marketing? 

The term video marketing denotes the use of video content – from short promotional films to live streaming of events – as part of your digital media marketing strategy. There are many different video channels, such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, which can be used to promote your brand or product effectively. So, the next step would be to adopt this marketing strategy to your email campaigns as well. 

Email meets video marketing 

Videos in email marketing can be a strong and effective tool for variety of marketing goals: from brand awareness to clicks and traffic. Videos can catch users’ attention faster than any other medium, and they enable brands to tell a story in a visual and emotional way, and thus create a positive perception of the brand.

Tips for Videos in Email Marketing Campaigns:

Content plan: create a content plan based on your marketing goals, your target audience and your competitors.

– Quality content: make sure the videos are unique, visually appealing and match the brand’s visual identity.

– Video length: for email marketing campaigns, shorter videos server a better purpose. Consider creating a series of videos to keep the users engaged and avoid content fatigue.

– Email subject line: include the word “video” in the email subject line to encourage users to open it and watch the video.

– Call to action: add a clear call to action at the end of the video, social buttons and a contact form.

– Personalized video: most users tend to find personalized videos more relevant and engaging.

Final words 

Based on the above content, we can see the importance of using video in your email marketing campaign. In a nutshell, once you will make quality videos about your product or brand and embed them in your marketing emails, you will soon see an increase in your sales figures and, by extension, your bottom line.

Yotam Benami

In his role as Idomoo's CMO, Yotam is responsible for supporting the company's continued growth in its core Enterprise market and for driving its fast-growing platform business.

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