Idomoo Selects OpenGL Technology

Idomoo Selects OpenGL Technology

Idomoo sees performance gains of over 400% & x20 faster in average with GPU technology

Idomoo, the award-winning personalized video platform uses gpu rendering technology to speed up its graphic creation and deliver top quality video content to the end user. Serving a wide range of use cases to leading industry verticals across the globe – from telecom, finance, banking and insurance to health, utility and retail – Idomoo has chosen modern OpenGL as its rendering technology.

Why OpenGL technology?

Idomoo’s Rendering Technology Specialist, Michael Ivanov explains: “We specifically selected modern OpenGL because – first and foremost – it allows for blazing fast graphic content creation. Its cross-platform compatibility and the API rapid evolution over the last few years fits perfectly with our vision and what we’re trying to do. Previously, we worked on an old fixed pipeline API and it limited our rendering scope in terms of performance and use cases.

We also have high hopes to utilize the upcoming Khronos Vulkan API which will hopefully allow us to speed up further our rendering pipeline and add new capabilities in the field of real-time video generation to our toolbox.

Idomoo’s personalized video generating engine combines the highest quality videos with big data that’s then customized to suit each and every customer’s individual preferences and needs. Using various data from social media, CRM/Billing, Excel/CSV, API, Ecommerce and Targeting tools, Idomoo’s next generation personalized video platform is scalable, robust,  versatile and compatible with any industry use case. This platform adaptability is highly useful and convenient for verticals across the board seeking to deliver 1:1 communication to the relevant target audience. Designed for mass-scale communication, each high-end HD video is expertly crafted for an audience of one. This level of personalization and meticulous attention to detail elevates the customer experience as it puts the customer at the forefront, making them feel as if the video they recieve has been created especially for them.

Idomoo’s top of the range graphics and open technology powered by data contextualized into a video benefits creative freedom. Companies can use Idomoo’s advanced technology and work with their own creative video production studio, distributing across their channel of choice. Open APIs mean that companies can use existing video templates or leverage our pre-designed video templates as they see fit.

Michael added: “Now Idomoo’s video rendering technology is powered by the core OpenGL 4.3 API which takes full advantage of the motion graphics hardware accelerated capabilities. We are seeing performance gains of over 400% compared to what we had using OpenGL 2.1 and we still have room to optimize further. The fully programmable approach has helped us reach our goals and challenges us to set new ones.”


Michael Ivanov

GPU Team Leader at Idomoo.