Idomoo wins big at Ad:tech in New York


We won! This time we’ve won the “Target Video Challenge” at ad:tech New York. The Idomoo team beat four competitors to the award in the category of “Video and TV.” The award honors the best platforms and services that fully utilize the power of video through various media channels.

Idomoo presented a personalized clip for the judges explaining on an individual level what the benefits of Target’s “REDcard” is. Idomoo was deemed the best fit for Target’s corporate mission, brand promise and style.

“The overwhelming reaction we received at ad:tech confirms that leveraging personalized videos as a strategic communication tool is the future of building a personalized brand and deep customer engagement. We are excited to be selected for this innovation award, and we look forward to delivering a killer pitch to the team at Target,” said Eitan Fogel, CEO of Idomoo.

We won by stepping up to the plate, are you reaching your customers in the best, most innovate way possible?

Yotam Benami

In his role as Idomoo's CMO, Yotam is responsible for supporting the company's continued growth in its core Enterprise market and for driving its fast-growing platform business.

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