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The Leading Cause of Customer Churn, And How to Avoid It

Posted by Alexandra Gehringer on January 15, 2020

It’s not complicated. The majority of customers churn because they failed to connect with your brand or because an event occurred that caused them to disconnect. 53% of all customer churn is attributed to one of these factors: poor onboarding (23%), weak relationship building (16%) and poor customer service (14%). 

The one thing they all have in common is the sensitive relationship between brand and customer. Neglect your existing relationships, and you’ll find yourself with a high churn rate...

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Personalised Video Connects South London Diabetes Patients with Support

Posted by Yotam Benami on October 30, 2019

Type 2 Diabetes is a condition that requires a close partnership between patient and health care professionals in order for people to be able to live well with the condition.

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How Music Affects Emotions (and Sales)

Posted by Mony Raanan on October 28, 2019

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” ― Victor Hugo

Mr. Hugo has a point there. We all know that music affects us emotionally because we’ve experienced it for ourselves. We know that when we listen to certain types of music, we can be overcome by feelings of joy, sadness, elation, excitement, anger, and so on.

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Personalized Video Platform Idomoo Secures $18M in Latest Round

Posted by Yotam Benami on October 28, 2019

New York, NY, October 1, 2019 – Personalized Video (PV) company Idomoo recently concluded a successful funding round, raising $18 million from investors led by venture capital funds Target Global and Disruptive. "Personalized video is the future of customer engagement,” said Tal Barnoach, General Partner of Disruptive VC. “Idomoo makes it easy for brands to deploy their own personalized video campaigns and enjoy superior engagement, conversion and retention rates.”

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Digital Mortgages Made Easy: Lessons Learned from 6 of the Top 10 Mortgage Companies

Posted by Yotam Benami on October 17, 2019

Customer expectations are defined by their most recent experience, whether that experience was calling an Uber with a single click, ordering groceries with Instacart or scanning their mobile boarding pass. So when it comes to buying a home, with its infinite complexity and poor customer experience, is it any wonder that customers remain frustrated with the digital experience, consistently ranking the industry at the bottom of the pile?

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Plan International Canada Uses Personalized Video To Get Personal With Donors

Posted by Jeff Haber on September 18, 2019

What’s the endgame of personalization?

The answer is that there is no definitive answer. The need for a personalized marketing campaign depends on the business agenda of a company, organization, or industry. 

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See How Orangetheory Fitness, Publicis Sapient and Idomoo Delivered a 1-2 Punch to Wow Customers

Posted by Yotam Benami on August 8, 2019

Fact: 1 out of 3 people cancel their gym memberships every year. New trends and competition are constantly emerging, challenging brands like Orangetheory Fitness to keep current members motivated to book more classes.

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Wowing Travelers with Dynamic Content for a Great Delta Experience

Posted by Yotam Benami on August 6, 2019

Everyone loves a loyalty programme, don’t they? That promise of a little extra for nothing must be why the average American holds 29 loyalty club memberships. Except that number doesn’t tell the whole story.

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Learnings in Player Engagement from Fortnite’s Epic Success

Posted by Yotam Benami on July 25, 2019


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Co-op Insurance Uses Innovative Idomoo Personalized Video to Increase Customer Engagement

Posted by Yotam Benami on May 2, 2019

Idomoo has been working with Co-op Insurance on a range of personalized videos, aimed to make motor insurance simpler to understand.

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