Participation in the Adobe Video World Event

Participation in the Adobe Video World Event

Recently San Jose, CA hosted Adobe Video World – a conference designed to bring together two sections of the video post-production community – specifically those involving Premier Pro World and After Effects World. Idomoo had the privilege of attending the entire thing.

For anyone who wasn’t able to attend, the (annual) conference is an opportunity to hear directly from video production gurus and network with peers and colleagues in the industry.

As a personalized video company, we were excited to get inspiration for new ideas and creative possibilities. As a video platform, we were also interested in ways to improve our production productivity and discover new ways to get the most out of video software.

Here are some of the aspects of the event we found most valuable:

Adobe After Effects Update

One of the days during the conference was Adobe Day, where we were able to hear from Adobe developers about new releases and the best ways to utilize their platforms.

One of the most exciting updates was the announcement of Adobe After Effects 13.6. The new update includes improvements to default previews and customization options, multi-touch gestures, stacked panels and many other interesting features. From what we heard, changes to CC Libraries will also lead to a much more streamlined workflow.

For the full list of what’s new in the After Effects CC 13.6 update, check out Adobe’s blog.

Peter Quinn: Getting Stuff Done

There were a number of extremely valuable sessions throughout the week from Adobe app developers, designers and engineers as well as a variety of industry experts. The keynote from Josh Feldman on nano-budget filmmaking was particularly interesting.

The session we most enjoyed was delivered by Peter Quinn and was titled Getting Stuff Done. Peter happens to be both Irish and hilarious. In the course of his presentation, he showed some simple but powerful techniques for cell animation and expressions.

As an added resource, he put together a dedicated webpage for the talk, including free technique guides and samples. You can check it out here.

Valuable Connections

One of the things we love about the Adobe Video World conference is the feeling of such a small, tight-knit community of like-minded video post-production professionals. We were able to meet and connect with a good number of attendees at the expo night.

This year the conference more than doubled to reach over 300 attendees, all seeking to build and share new skills and collaborate on industry solutions.

If you’re a post-production professional and Adobe user, we highly recommend attending next year’s Adobe Video World. Getting this deeper insight into the Adobe platforms has already given us a distinct advantage in performing day-to-day video personalizations for our clients.

It has also given us insights into what the community is looking for in their post-production solutions, constituting knowledge that we’re confident will eventually lead to future improvements in our new Storybuilder Suite.

Shir Epelbaum