Personalized Video Marketing Wins Again!

Video Marketing Announcement:

Barclays in collaboration with RAPP has won two awards at the 2016 Brand Republic Digital Awards. The personalized video marketing campaign was powered by Idomoo’s Video Cloud. The video campaign focused on innovative onboarding for new customers.

personalized video marketing


The personalized video marketing campaign was declared the overall winner in the Email Strategy Category.

The marketing campaign was also highly commended in the Financial Services Category.

With this marketing  campaign, Barclays warmly welcomed new customers in an engaging & relevant way. The videos spoke to the customers directly. Each customer was taken step-by-step of their unique personal banking landscape. This was accomplished through the use of high-quality cinematic personalized videos. The videos leveraged existing customer data to create an interactive video experience. Each video answered questions typically raised by new customers. The videos were specifically designed for the individual customer’s data. As a result, no video content was the same. Each presentation was personalized and relevant for the customer who received it.

The prestigious Brand Republic Digital Awards have been championing brands and agencies for 18 years. It sets the standards in digital innovation and video marketing annually. We are thrilled that our video marketing technology and digital partners have been selected from over 500 entries to be named the winner.

Watch an Example of Great Personalized Video Marketing!


personalized video marketing You can watch an example of this video by clicking on the thumbnail above.



Adam Titcher

Adam is a market associate at Idomoo, writing creative content, as well as, lending his voice for personalized video narration.

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