Plan International Canada Uses Personalized Video To Get Personal With Donors

Plan International Canada Uses Personalized Video To Get Personal With Donors

What’s the endgame of personalization?

The answer is that there is no definitive answer. The need for a personalized marketing campaign depends on the business agenda of a company, organization, or industry.

In the non-profit sector, it’s imperative to build and nurture connections with donors to ensure they are motivated to continue their ongoing support. Along these lines, Plan International Canada (Plan Canada) — a member of a global organization dedicated to advancing children’s rights and equality for girls — turned to Idomoo to develop a personalized video solution that would strengthen the connection between the organization and their child sponsors.image02

Engage, Satisfy, And Retain Donors

Plan Canada identified a subset of high-value child sponsors, many of which sponsored two or more children and had been supporting the organization for many years. Though many of these donors likely had the capacity to increase their financial support, they had not received much special treatment or recognition to justify an additional investment.

With the goals of donor engagement, satisfaction, and retention in mind, Plan Canada intended to make their most loyal and committed donors feel appreciated and to assure them that their donations had a meaningful impact on the lives of their sponsored children and their entire communities.image03

Donors Like To Share How They Care

Plan Canada theorized that many of their donors would be unlikely to boast to friends about their noble deeds; however, a personalized video, generated by a third-party content provider, was shareable and an opportunity to “humblebrag.”

Idomoo’s personalized video campaign for Plan Canada used each donor’s name, along with information about their history with the organization and the impact of their sponsorship, to create an emotionally resonant, uniquely targeted video, incorporating visualizations of each donor’s contribution to children around the world.image04

A Win For Plan Canada

Idomoo measured Plan Canada’s personalized video campaign through open rates, click-through rates (CTR), video completion rates and the number of social-media shares.

The campaign proved to be successful beyond Plan Canada’s expectations. Open rates and video completion rates were 51% and 50% above predicted levels, respectively, while CTR rates were 22%, more than five times greater than the industry standard of 4% for non-profits. In addition, Plan Canada reached its goal of 10% social-media sharing with the campaign.

Speaking of their work with Idomoo, Rachel Boro, Marketing Manager, Recurring Gifts at Plan International said “it was an absolute pleasure working with the Idomoo team on this project. This was a project that was high risk, given the level of personalization, with a high reward in terms of really surprising and delighting our donors. We talk a lot about how to enhance and customize the experience for our donors to keep them engaged and committed to the cause, but struggled to find a solution that would work on a mass scale, until we discovered Idomoo’s personalized video solution.”

Engaging donors using Personalized Video in order to reinforce their emotional connection to the good their donations accomplish is a great way to put technology to use in order to drive good. UNICEF – The United Nations Children’s Fund used the technology to similar effect, by thanking donors for their gifts and helping to convert them into recurring donors.

Taking customer experiences to the next level with Personalized Video can be advantageous to any company or industry, but Plan Canada’s and UNICEF’s experience shows how it can also be used as a force for good in the world.

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