The #1 Video Stat You Need to Know [Infographic]

The #1 Video Stat You Need to Know [Infographic]

As someone helping brands market themselves and connect with their target audiences, you’ve likely presented clients with campaign concepts you thought were fresh, exciting and innovative. You’ve no doubt also come up against executives asking how your proposed campaigns, especially those that are more creatively adventurous, will translate into tangible results. 

The pervasive client obsession with ROI can feel stifling to creative teams, but it’s not something that’s impossible to get out from underneath, especially when you have the data to support why your strategy is set to succeed. 

Pat Fallon, founder and former CEO of the Fallon creative agency, notably shared in the Harvard Business Review, “One key to persuading clients to take a risk is tightly aligning strategy with the creative approach. Although some observers think advertising comes down to crazy people sitting in a room brainstorming, strategy is the rigorous, behind-the-scenes part of our process—it’s driven by research and consumer insights, and it helps to precisely define what the company is trying to accomplish with a campaign, who the campaign is meant to reach, and why it’s going to trigger a specific response that drives sales. An idea that may seem risky during a presentation will look less so when it’s clear that we’ve thought it through.” 

Put another way: Everyone wants their marketing campaign to deliver wow moments, but if the cost to launch exceeds the business it ultimately generates, you’re going to have some unhappy clients. That’s why big creative visions need to be rooted in strong research. 

Fortunately, there’s a sweet spot where creativity and results meet, and it happens to be in video. In fact, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. When you’re in the business of selling creative ideas to clients, that’s the type of data that can help you seal the deal, and that’s why we think it should be the #1 video stat in your arsenal. 

In case you want a few more video stats to fall back on, we’ve rounded up over a dozen reason why your next creative campaign should incorporate video. Every statistic in our infographic, Why Video is the Secret to Satisfying the ROI Obsessed Client, speaks to the engaging power of video marketing: 

  • People prefer watching a video than reading text, and they specifically seek out video content when researching products and services.
  • Video, especially instructional video content, creates positive feelings around brands.
  • Marketers using video grow revenue significantly faster than non-video users.

Learn why video is the key to achieving maximum engagement, positive ROI and happy clients. 

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Alexandra Gehringer

Alex is Senior Creative Marketing Writer at Idomoo. Her goal is to give brands and marketers the information they need to achieve peak customer engagement. Through compelling, highly-relevant marketing initiatives built around Idomoo's Personalized Video Technology, she believes every brand can create an emotional, one-to-one connection with their customers.