The Award-Winning Personalised Onboarding Video Your Insurance Customer Deserves

Allianz Wows New Customers With a Personalized Video Tour

How do you make a new insurance purchase easy to understand, even exciting? With fire, wind, live-action stunts, a unicorn — and personalisation, of course.

It’s an intriguing challenge, but one that we were eager to tackle. We often create personalised onboarding videos for clients to share with their customers, so this one, introducing customers to a new product line called the PrivatSchutz, would be similar.

And yet, completely different. It takes new customers on a private and personalised virtual tour of what they purchased. Challenging? Yes. Exciting? Absolutely.

Here’s how it worked.

The Process

We collaborated with a Hamburg-based production agency, Mantikor Gmbh, to create an immersive film sequence taking viewers on a tour of the “Insurance Manufactory.” Mantikor developed the dramatic creative vision, and our tech brought it to life.

Take a look.

Since the PrivatSchutz is built on a modular principle, allowing for policy customization based around the individual’s needs, Personalised Video was uniquely suited for the launch. Videos were developed with a similar modular format for maximum flexibility, including the different services a customer might have purchased. This resulted in tens of thousands of possible video combinations based on the various scenes.

Leveraging our best-in-class rendering technology and a custom API integration, the insurance company sent a personalised tour to each new customer for an exciting and engaging onboarding experience.

Allianz sent a personalised tour to each new customer for an exciting and engaging onboarding experience

Along with a host of special effects — from 3D simulations to a wind tunnel — the videos used dozens of unique data points, seamlessly woven into the narrative. At the end, each customer received a truly personal tour of their purchase, a highly tailored communications experience to welcome them to their PrivatSchutz.

Campaign Success

This is what we mean when we talk about the “magic” of Personalised Video.

A couple other things made this project noteworthy.

  • Complementary B2B campaign: To empower their thousands of sales agents to share this virtual tour with customers, the insurer launched a B2B campaign rollout video, personalised for each agent.
  • Data security: Security was a top priority. Idomoo, with its ISO 27001 Infosec certification, was the perfect partner for such a sensitive campaign.

Viewers loved it. And so did judges. It was named best data-driven campaign by the Deutscher Digital Award and placed silver in the MAX Award in Germany.

Franziska Cullaj, principal consultant for the project, said she was glad to work with Idomoo on this revolutionary onboarding video.

“Anyone can do ordinary, but by partnering with Idomoo, we’ve created truly extraordinary customer communications,” she said. “With its seamless UX, this onboarding video is one of our best campaigns ever, innovative and effective, hitting KPIs across the board. This is just the beginning. I’m looking forward to seeing some of our new ideas come to life with personalised video.”

All told, the project had an overwhelmingly positive rating among viewers, making it one of the most successful campaigns in the company’s history.

The Next Chapter

But the story doesn’t end here.

Since the film uses a modular format, it’s easy to add in new features going forward. That means greater long-term ROI for this project as it continues to evolve.

You never know where the elevator will stop — but you can be sure you’ll want to come along for the ride.

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