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4 Best KPIs for Measuring PersonalizedVideo success – Idomoo

Posted by Danny Kalish on October 21, 2015

As a marketer, chances are you’re constantly struggling to pinpoint your messaging, cut-down texts, and choose the perfect call-to-action (CTA) for every campaign.

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More Meaningful Measurements for Inbound Marketing Success

Posted by Adam Titcher on September 10, 2015

Dollar for dollar, inbound or content marketing generates three times as many leads as those generated by traditional marketing techniques. For most inbound marketers, clicks and conversions are the most relevant markers of marketing success, but the big picture is more complicated than a simple click.

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5 Practices to Getting You Started with Data Driven Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Adam Titcher on August 30, 2015

As you know, if you want to turn prospects into customers and customers into lifetime loyalists, you’re going to have to target your markets and personalize your messages. We’ve even talked about it before, right here in this blog!

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Personalized videos for customer engagement in insurance – Idomoo

Posted by Adam Titcher on August 6, 2015

As every insurer today knows, the rise of digitalization and the always-on consumer has created a highly educated pool of fickle customers.

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Building a Profound Customer Experience for Telecom Companies

Posted by Adam Titcher on July 30, 2015

Today’s telcom subscribers base their decisions to stay with a current service provider on one thing – their experience.

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Communicating with residents in the City of the Future

Posted by Yotam Benami on July 28, 2015

The reciprocity between the mayor and residents has not changed for decades and was traditionally based on the mayor’s obligation to provide satisfying municipal services to her residents, while they, in turn, were expected to pay municipal taxes and express their appreciation or disappointment from services rendered during election periods.

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Targeted Marketing: Stay Connected with Your "Always-on" Consumers

Posted by Adam Titcher on July 23, 2015

Advances in beacon and IoT technology are helping personalized marketing campaigns take a giant step forward – making them smarter and more effective. And, they are becoming more accessible to marketers across all industries, helping them reach an increasingly savvy group of consumers.

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Growth Hacking through Personalized Videos

Posted by Adam Titcher on July 8, 2015

Growth Hacking Snapshot

It's become the holy grail of startups the world over. Yes, we're talking about growth hacking. The well in-demand strategy is changing the startup landscape as we know it. From Silicon Valley to China, prominent thought leaders and CMOs are adopting actionable growth tactics to gain competitive advantage for their business.

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Idomoo Storybuilding Suite: Introducing a new world of digital communication

Posted by Yaron Kalish on July 1, 2015
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Consumer Goods are Going Digital via Personalized Videos

Posted by Michael Elias on June 15, 2015

Can a network that consists of tens of billions of connected devices – which try to engage with billions of consumers - ever be personalized?

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