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Create Deeply Personal Connections, Millions of Customers At a Time

Posted by Yotam Benami on February 10, 2020

What does building a relationship between a customer and business really look like? To a business, it means recurring revenues, driven by customer data and profiles and cross-sell and upsell information. To a customer? 

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Why Utilities Must Enhance Customer Engagement

Posted by Danny Kalish on January 5, 2016

Everyone knows that the electric utility market is going through a paradigm shift, but how many have really thought about how this should change the way utilities interact with their customers?

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Creating Your Own Personalized Video Campaign

Posted by Adam Titcher on December 2, 2015

Across the board, video has become an essential marketing campaign component. In fact, research shows that about 50% of companies are currently using video in their marketing campaigns, and by 2017, video is expected to make up almost 70% of online consumer traffic. But there’s no denying it: Some companies are doing it better than others. What’s the secret to a successful video campaign with a real impact on the viewer? Creating personalized video that speaks your customer's unique needs, wa...

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Building a Profound Customer Experience for Telecom Companies

Posted by Adam Titcher on July 30, 2015

Today’s telcom subscribers base their decisions to stay with a current service provider on one thing – their experience.

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Outstanding Customer Experience for Insurance Companies – Part 2

Posted by Adam Titcher on March 30, 2015

Last week, in Outstanding Customer Experience for Insurance Companies - Part 1 we covered some of the customer experience trends and market disruptions in the insurance industry. In this part we reveal the secret sauce for customer success and how to overcome the challenges that keep insurance CMOs awake at night.

Acquisition - fast online quotes for i­­­nsurance policies are an interactive and appealing way to acquire new customers and convert visitors to your site. Long and tedious explanat...

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Outstanding Customer Experience for Insurance Companies - Part 1

Posted by Adam Titcher on March 23, 2015

Threats and Trends Insurance Companies Need To Be Aware Of

Competition, attrition and everything in-between

Insurers worldwide are faced with mounting challenges threatening to destabilize their world. The boom of big data, continual financial flux and the rapid rise of competition for customers play a detrimental role in defining the future of the insurance industry. These important influencers are here to stay. With growing competition and market demand in decline, industry revenue is at ri...

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Mobile Technology at the Heart of Barcelona: Come Meet Idomoo at the 2015 Mobile World Congress (#MWC15)

Posted by Adam Titcher on February 12, 2015

For companies taking an active role in today’s worldwide “mobile communications revolution”, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the biggest event of the season and some might say, the entire year. Idomoo is getting ready for show time!

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