Video Marketing Clarifies Bill Communication

Video Marketing Clarifies Bill Communication

Bills, Bills, Bills! One Big Headache!

It doesn’t matter how appealing your service is, your customers dread it when the bill or statement you deliver pop ups in their inbox/online account every month or quarter. When they’re reminded of how much they’re charged for their consumption – it’s a financial nuisance. They’re marked for their usage and those fees are a kind of stamp on how your customers live their life. It’s hard to shake off the negativity associated with charges and all things bill statement related. But there’s a way around relieving the burden and headaches bills present. Companies left, right and center are beginning to understand that this relief can be brought about via consistent online bill communication.


Paperless Billing and Auto Pay Make it Easier

The days of paper bills are long gone. Since the emergence of automatic payment plans for utility, household and other bills – paperless billing has reigned supreme. The benefits of paperless billing and having your bills charged to your credit card or debited from your account on a fixed date are unrivaled. Cost-effective, time-saving, environmentally friendly, secure and offering added-rewards, online billing and auto-pay lifts some of the weight off bill delivery and communication. With more providers offering automatic payment plans, online bills need to offer transparency.


Video Marketing Settles the Bill Communication Score

In the age of the customer bill explanation and delivery are about making your customers’ lives simple. The mantra should be to find the right channel to deliver the bill.  Pin the channel and you’ll pin the bill message. With a plethora of digital channels, identifying the right channel can be overwhelming. Video email marketing is an optimal penetrative and engaging marketing tool. Invodo’s recent report: Video Statistics: The Marketer’s Summary 2014, highlights the effect of incorporating video into email marketing. Consider these stats:

#Using the word “Video” in email subject lines boosts open rates 18.5%, click rates by 64.8%, click to open rates by 39%, and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.

#What happens when you include a video in the actual email? The Forrester Marketing group surveyed businesses in 2010 and made this discovery – marketers who included a marketing or explainer video in an email, the click-through rate increased by 200% to 300%.

Video email marketing turns a labor intensive subject or task like a bill explanation into a message that’s easy-to-understand. It delivers the bill message in less time to the customer and it can hook the viewer right from the get-go. Keep the bill explanation simple, informative, relevant and fun with a personal touch.


A Personalized Video Campaign Will Make it Sing

An explainer video bill that’s designed and executed to suit each customer’s account status and usage is in essence a customer-engaged bill. Present your customers with what they owe, how much and why. Make the video fun with cool animation and personal storytelling. Flip the coin on the same old, same old, dreaded monthly or quarterly bill and deliver a bill that’s there to entertain, empower through education and update your customers about their current usage, charges and methods to improve their current consumption for reduced credit fees in the future.

By giving your customers a better understanding of their bill you are equipping them with valuable tools to better manage their finances. This personal service and attentiveness is the value you need to bring to the CX. It shows your company cares about its customers and regards them as real people rather than just another number to increase your share of wallet.

Recently, one of the biggest utility companies in the US and our awesome client, PPL boosted their customer engagement by 335% How? Through an innovative personalized quarterly statement video campaign. PPL’s use case exemplifies exactly how the personalized video leverages bill and statement communication in our crowded digital space.

Adam Titcher

Adam is a market associate at Idomoo, writing creative content, as well as, lending his voice for personalized video narration.