Why I’m making #MyThankYouVideo


Every day at 7 pm, NYC claps.

Every day at 7 pm, the city that never sleeps drops everything to recognize and thank our healthcare workers for the selfless love and compassion they show their patients.
They’re doing their jobs, but really – they’re doing so much more than that.
Healthcare workers around the world have been thrust into the front lines of a global pandemic that has crippled nations.
They are putting their own lives at risk to take care of what we love – our family, our friends. Our lives.
They work tirelessly day and night, making sure that even though their patients cannot have family members by their side, that they know they’re never alone.
From here in NYC to Los Angeles, from London to Rome, we globally celebrate the dedication of our healthcare professionals.

And yet, our healthcare workers aren’t the only ones that deserve to be recognized. There are essential workers all over the world who are working hard to ensure that as we slowly return to our new normal, we have a life to get back to. These are our first responders; our firefighters, our police officers. These are the people keeping our grocery stores stocked and who are delivering our meals. These are the people who make sure goods are able to move around the world – and who make sure people are able to move, as well. Our farmers, and our manufacturers; our sanitation workers, and our childcare providers. These individuals, and SO many others, are putting themselves in harm’s way so that we are able to do our part – stay home and stay safe.

We may be physically distanced right now, and we may not be able to share our thanks with a handshake or hug like we used to, but there are always ways to express the depth of our gratitude for the service of our essential workers. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right words to express our feelings, and so to help out we’ve created a video that you can personalize.

MyThankYouVideo by Idomoo

Head to ThankYou.idomoo.com and make a video for Jeff at the grocery store checkout line – or for Laura, at your child’s daycare. Send a video to the I.C.U. staff at Brookdale Hospital Medical Center, or to Engine Company 225. We’ve created the messaging – all that’s missing is your personal touch.

For me, my first two videos are easy – one for my mom, an I.C.U. nurse in upstate NY, and one for my sister, an I.C.U. nurse in NYC.

So make a video. Share your gratitude. Spread the love. And make sure to tag your videos with #MyThankYouVideo so we can all see exactly who we’re clapping for at 7 pm tonight.

Create your own #MyThankYouVideo

Morgan Adler

Morgan is a Sales Development Manager at Idomoo, where she works closely with the sales and marketing teams to welcome new Idomoo clients. You can find her exploring Brooklyn breweries (or on LinkedIn)!

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