Why Your Business Needs Interactive Video (With Examples)

Why Your Business Needs Interactive Video (With Examples)

Interactive content is taking over the digital world. From shareable quizzes to the rise of the metaverse, content that gets the user involved is leveraged by marketers to build deeper connections with their target market. But while you can make virtually any type of digital content interactive, video reigns supreme — and for good reason.

Interactivity and video go hand in hand. Video is a powerful storytelling tool. Interactivity makes it possible to not only watch a story but also take part in it.

It’s a winning combination with real business results. Viewers are 3x more likely to engage with interactive videos and spend more time — 44% to be exact — watching them. With our interactive videos, we’ve also seen uplifts of 126% higher CTR. No surprise there: interactivity increases conversions because users can take action right from the video.

What makes interactive video so effective? When should your business use it? We’ll show how and why interactive video works with examples from top companies already using it themselves.

What Is Interactive Video?

To understand why an interactive video works so well, you have to understand what an interactive video actually is. Check out this magical (and personalized) interactive video as an example. You can make it your own by clicking the lightning bolt in the player. Add your name, your own image and whatever text you’d like to see!

From choosing the next scene to chapter markers to user customization, this video is full of interactive features that wow and delight the viewer. But interactive videos go way beyond letting the viewer choose a magic trick.

A few common types of interactive videos include:

  • Gamified video: The viewer interacts with the video to play some kind of game. For instance, they tap on different areas of the video to uncover Easter eggs.
  • Shoppable video: The viewer can click on a product within a video to purchase it, making online shopping easier than ever.
  • Customizable videos: The viewer adds or chooses text, images, soundtracks and more to create a brand new video in real time. Videos customized by the viewer are irresistibly shareable, perfect for posting on social media.

You too can bring the magic of interactive video to your customers. With the latest technology, you can deliver interactive videos to consumers in real time and at scale.

Why Interactive Video Content Works

From boosting conversions to resolving customer service issues, interactive video is incredibly useful. So much so, we’ve forecasted that it will be one of the biggest video trends for 2022. Read on to learn why businesses are increasingly leveraging interactive video.

Take Advantage of UGC

User-generated content has become a fan favorite. Customers love it for the following reasons:

  • It’s trustworthy. Customers are often wary of brands creating content for the sake of boosting sales. A customer, on the other hand, has no reason to falsely praise a brand.
  • It’s authentic, which is especially important to Gen Z.
  • It gives customers a chance to be a part of the conversation rather than a passive, disengaged viewer.

It’s easy for brands to make the most of this trend with interactive video. Imagine you’re a user browsing through your newsfeed. You see your favorite brand has announced a contest to score some free merch — all you need to do is submit a video stating why you love their company.

It may seem like a fun idea, but is it enough incentive for you to go ahead and create your own video? Pulling out your own camera, recording a video and editing it can seem like a lot of work, after all.

How to master video marketing: your complete

An interactive video template changes this. The brand gives you a video you can easily customize. Enter the text, images or other media you want to add straight from the video player, and you’re done. Our platform generates the new, never-before-seen video in real time.

This strategy has become an increasingly popular way for brands across industries to collaborate with customers. Just take a look at this example from WW (formerly Weight Watchers).

Members could create their very own highlights reel with the interactive video template the company provided. With the click of a button, viewers created videos featuring the stats and moments they were most proud of.

Better still, this type of content is incredibly shareable. It’s no secret customers love to show off their achievements on social media. A video like the one above makes it easy to brag (with humility) to friends and followers across platforms. Our user customized video have seen stellar results, such as:

  • Doubled social media share rates
  • 3.5x video completion rate

Collect First-Party Data

Third-party data rules are becoming increasingly strict. Because of this, many businesses are turning to first-party data to gain insight about their customers.

But collecting first-party data can be tricky. How do you convince your customers to share information with you?

One solution is using interactive video. Let’s rewind to the highlights reel we took a look at before. In exchange for entering the information required to customize the video, customers receive a fun highlights reel they can share on social media.

It’s a win-win situation:

  • Customers get their well-deserved bragging rights.
  • Companies are able to leverage this first-party data for future campaigns. In fact, research shows 66% of consumers are willing to share their data if it will enhance their customer experience.

Interactive videos are also incredibly useful for lead generation. Data is often scarce when it comes to potential customers. You can encourage prospects to share meaningful information, even before you’ve spoken to them, with an interactive video like the one below.

By entering the required information, users gain insight into the price of their current loan. Better still, the business can then leverage that information to generate leads.

Tip: Curious how it works? You can try it out for yourself by clicking on the lightning bolt icon.

Allow Customers To Self-Serve

Customer service is a common point of friction. Customers are often frustrated with long wait times and generic answers. And when customer service departments face a high volume of questions, these problems become even worse.

Interactive videos allow customers to answer pressing questions immediately, rather than wait for an agent to pick up the phone. This interactive video was made to help mortgage companies streamline customer support.

Businesses can use the video as a way for their customers, concerned about the end of their forbearance, to self-serve. Hotspots, for instance, make it easy for customers to learn more about different payment options.

Better still, it’s a resource they can use from anywhere and at any time. Customers can watch their video whenever they need, whether they’re looking for a quick reminder or want to double-check something specific.

Results: we’ve seen these types of videos reduce call deflection for mortgage companies by 73%, reducing the strain on call centers.

Boost Conversions

An interactive video engages and informs customers. But does it have an actual impact on a business’s bottom line?

Absolutely! Interactivity makes it easy for your customers to convert. For instance, once a customer reaches the end of their video, they can click the CTA to immediately take the next step. Examples of clickable CTAs include:

  • Learning more about a product
  • Making a purchase
  • Signing up for content
  • Filling out a form

This CTA doesn’t have to be in the form of a button, either. You can make any element in the video a hotspot, and the video “knows” where it is throughout, even if the location changes from frame to frame.

And don’t think you’re limited to a link. When the viewer clicks, it can send an API call for a whole host of actions, from sending a text to saving data in a database. The digital world is your oyster, so to speak.

Regardless, it’s important for your customer to take action once you have their attention. Interactive features lets them take action immediately, leading to conversation rates of over 11% (whereas annotations convert at just 1%).

Upgrade Your Digital Comms With Interactive Videos

It’s no secret that interactive video works. To leverage this type of video, though, you need the right technology. Whether you have a hundred thousand customers — or a hundred million — you need a platform that can handle sending out these high-tech videos to every customer.

And that’s not all. User customization is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what our advanced interactive technology can do. Stay tuned — our CTO will be sharing all of our Living Video technology’s possiblities.

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